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Nov 14, 2012 7:30am EST
measures to ensure the economy is boosted even after the dissolution. >> translator: it's vital to implement the economic measures that noda asked the relevant government offices to compile. >> chairman of the japan chambers of commerce and industry said it's regrettable that the move and the ensuing general election will create a political vacuum at a time when the nation's economic situation is severe, but he said he believes that the election is inevitable for the economy to get out of its prolonged stagnation. >> translator: i believe that seeking a public mandate through an election is inevitable for various economic issues. these include the free trade deal under the trans pacific partnership. >>> china's elite officials are finishing up a high stakes game of political chess strategizing and making moves that will ultimately shape the future of the world's most populus nation and second largest economy. hours from now members of the communist party will unveil the next generation of leaders that will take control. party officials spent a week long holding their national co
Nov 7, 2012 7:00pm PST
's second-largest economy. he'll look ahead to the coming years and talk about the challenges chinese face. the communist party congress runs for seven days, then hu and other top officials will hand power to another group of new leaders. we'll get back to the story a little later. >>> cradle of culture. economic powerhouse. many enjoy the fruits of prosperity along the path to a new china, but millions are missing out. at a time of growing public discontent, members of the communist party are choosing their new leaders. "newsline" correspondents will report from the party's national congress. don't miss our special coverage, "china: the next generation" starting thursday, november 8th at 8:00 p.m. japan time, here on "newsline." >>> china is the world's second biggest economy and party members were watching what happened in the first. ramin mellegard joins us from the business desk. we saw many americans celebrating the re-election of president obama but it seems the mood was different on wall street. >> it really was. we're seeing the reactions following the elections. investors really c
Nov 8, 2012 7:30am EST
's ten years at the top. it was the world's sixth largest economy. now it's the second largest. >> reporter: we asked nhk world's -- >> reporter: china has faced diplomatic and domestic challenges over the last decade under president hu jintao's leadership. >> reporter: hu promoted what he called the concept of scientific development. the policy aims to create a harr mounce society. the process required slower growth. the hu administration abolished a tax farmers had to pay based on the size of harvests. it was part of the president's effort to narrow the economic gap between urban and rural areas. hu also worked toward a sweeping consolidation of coal mines and chemical plants, which resulted in a reduction in pollution. but the president hasn't been able to control china's income disparity or corruption among its bureaucrats, and so, public anger with the government is simmering. migrant workers in cities and students looking for work are among those who are upset. >> translator: it's so difficult to find a job. >> reporter: hu also faced dissatisfaction ethnic minorities hav
Nov 15, 2012 7:30am EST
to rebuild its economy with china's kropsi cooperation. attention is focused on when kim will schedule talks with the new leaders. >>> the eurozone economic shrank from july to september compared to the previous three months. this is a decline for the second quarter in a row. this also means the common currency block slid into a recession. the european union's data office released the preliminary figure of gross domestic product for the third quarter of this year. it fell 0.1% from the previous three months. among the 17 nations in the eurozone, portugal's gdp fell 0.8%, spain slumped 0.3%. germany and france, the strongest economies within the eurozone, both posted a 0.2% growth in the third quarter, but compared to a year earlier, the greek economy was down 7.2% in the quarter. >>> let's check on the markets. european shares are lower as the eurozone economy has gone back into recession. london shares down about 0.3%. frankfurt, the dax index declining almost 0.5%, and the cac 40 in paris declining by 0.5%. meanwhile, share prices across the asian europe was lower everywhere but japan beca
Nov 8, 2012 7:00pm PST
of china's central bank knows how connected the global economy is. he said it would have an impact well beyond the borders of the united states. >> translator: many drins are concerned about the possible effects of a fiscal cliff. the global economy faces a number of uncertainties which are making it hard to judge china's economic forecast for next year. >> some indicators are rebounding and the economy is stabilizing. >> the nikkei is down over 1% from thursday's close around 101 points. investors selling stocks. that's after the dow jones suffered more than 120 points. investors concerned about the u.s. fiscal cliff issue. let's switch to currency as well. let's have a look at the currency levels now. 79.50 to 51. euro 101.30. a possible delay in greece receiving financial aid. let's have a look at some of the regions indexes as well. sou south korea's kospi is trading down. toyota motor executives are boosting vehicles. it's said to become the production center. toyota president made the announcement in bangkok during the 50th anniversary ceremonies for the firm's thai unit. >> in th
Nov 14, 2012 7:00pm PST
the world's second-largest economy into the future. a complex and secretive political process will soon come to a conclusion. in a couple of hours, the communist party's new leaders will walk onto a stage in beijing and appear before the media. vice president xi jinping will likely be at the front of the line. he's expected to succeed president hu jintao as the party's general secretary. the party wrapped up its week-long national congress wednesday. the meeting is held every five years. delegates elected new members for the central committee. those members will meet thursday to choose the lineup for the party's political bureau and the core group of leaders who sit on the elite politburo committee. president hu, premier wen jiabao, and five members will retire. vice president show gin being and others are expected to remain and be joined by a new generation of leaders. analysts say xi will take over from hu as the president's general pear. president hu has held the position for tennessee years. >> translator: all party members should unite under the party leadership and with chinese charact
Nov 13, 2012 7:00pm PST
were forced to leave beijing or placed under strict surveillance. the world's second biggest economy, china's international influence is continuing to grow. but there has been no change in the way it treats citizens who speak out. nhk world, beijing. >> one of the biggest critics weighed in, too. the dalai lama told about 130 japanese lawmakers they are wrong to fear at this bet an religious faith is promoting independence. they're urging china to stop violating rights in the region. >> in narrow minded communist officials they feel tibetan buddhist culture, buddhist faith some you see fear. that's a source of separate -- danger of separation. >> the dalai lama said tibetans are trying to preserve their culture. they're not threatening to become independent. a spokesperson for the chinese foreign ministry had little sympathy. >> translator: >> translator: the dalai lama is a political refugee aiming to defy the country in the guise of religious activity. >> hong said the government condemns japanese right wing forces that openly support the dalai lama's anti-china activities. he says
Nov 9, 2012 7:30am EST
shows the country's economy has started getting traction again. china's national bureau of statistics says industrial out put climbed over 9% from a year earlier. it was the second straight month of gainless. the pace of growth was 0.4% faster than in september. meanwhile retail sales were up more than 14%. the increase was 0.3% more than in the previous month. earlier in the day china announced that the consumer price index or cpi rose 1.7% from a year earlier. that's the slowest pace since january 2010. officials say the small increase is due to moderate gains in food prices. the latest data comes out one day after people's bank of china governor joe chow twan noted some recent economic data were starting to show signs of recovery. he hinted the central bank would not take extra monetary easing measures at least for now. >>> u.s. president barack obama is preparing to head to southeast asia for his first diplomatic tour since re-election. the four-day trip will include the first visit to myanmar by a sitting american president. the white house says obama's tour of southeast asia wil
Nov 13, 2012 7:30am EST
surveillance. in the world's second biggest economy, china's international influence is continuing to grow, but there has been no change in the way it treats citizens who speak out. >> reporter: nhk world's beijing correspondent makota owed da is here with me now. when president hu jintao took power in 2002, chinese democracy activists hoped a major change would happen in politics and society in general. how would they evaluate the past decade? >> i think it's safe to say they feel frustration that their hopes of democracy in china. some of them believe the human rights situation is the worst since 1989 tiananmen square incident. chinese authorities haven't stopped their dissent. last thursday nhk aired a report on activists. the government has also increased its effort to crack down on free speech. this has resorted to violence on several occasions, loud calls for democracy. the crackdown has forced an increasing number of writers and actives to free china. premier hugh engine bow has asked to create a system that would allow people to monitor those in power. but no progress has been made
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)